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Which widget should you have right now?

Hmm ... from the title! You can guess it, what I'm talking about this?. Yes, indeed widget. Widget is one order of knick-knacks of a site where the ownernya want to beautify a blog or website.

Previously, I want to ask what the most popular widget by the bloggers?
Still do not know?. Cool, I did not know!! He,, he,, but of the many widgets, the widget is only one of the most important and compulsory owned by a blogger is this. Navigation Bar aka Navbar is a default tool that serves bloggers to connect a blog to other blogs with a single row of buttons.

Not only that, navbar also keep many secrets, such as:
  2. Share
  3. Report Abuse
  4. Next Navigation
  5. Customized Blog / Edit Blog
  6. Log-Out / Sign Out Button
Well, what do you think buddy? important tool - the tool above is owned by a blogger?The answer: 1000% Important. Waw ... would this surprized you? Why do I mention 1000% important?Following reasons - reasons that support it.
Bloggers have reached this statistic.Blogger has been acquired by Google (King of the Internet).Blogger navbar Tools blogging recognized as the most versatile.Navbar Blogger has a brief content, clear and solid! That is, all the contents of the database structure bloggers easily understood and easy to operate.Blogger navbar is believed by google as "Top Level Navigation".Navbar blogger in TOS "terms of service" wrote blogger name every user is required to possess.
Well, now my friend has entrusted 1000%?. Not only have the above reasons but one important issue mentioned was intense now delete Blogger blog. The reason for why bloggers do that? so is one of them, the template - template blogger users prefer to remove most of the hush navbar.

He,, he,, the above is not the core of our subject, but an explanation for the explanation could achieve this [ the widgets should be owned by a blogger].

Then what the widget must be owned by you?

  • Navbar
  • Google Friend Connect
  • Archive
  • Category
  • Blogger Logo
One of the above widget on the user must have in blogger users! If not? wait a consequence of the bloggers, can be delete.

Hmm .... maybe this is just an info for my friend to be more mature thinking in which the widget should I have?

Mungkin itulah yang bisa saya sampaikan mengenai ini!
Kurang - lebih nya, anda bisa repost artikel ini!
Semoga bermanfaat dan selalu happy blogging!
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  1. ok deh sobt... aku dah pasang kok.. moga2 aman dri deportasi... wkakakakaa.......

  2. Wah bagus nih... saya simpan dulu deh... biar kalau dah siap lahir batin saya akan mencobanya hehehe
    Makasih ya sob

  3. wah mantep ne sob, referensi dan warning saling mengingatkan :D demi keamanan....
    sukses sobat!

  4. Sepertinya widget yang satu ini mesti dikembalikan nie. Makasi infonya sob.

  5. Waduuuhhhh...mesti buru2 kabur merenovasi widget2 yg blm ada...

    terima kasih sobat info dan sharingnya

  6. PertmAX gan ,,, lanjutkan dengan updatan terbaru mas...!~!! :D

  7. kalau menurut saya, dari daftar yang kamu bikin tu yang gak pentingnya adalah "Log-Out / Sign Out Button".. soalnya itu gak akan berpengaruh thd kemudahan, kenyamanan pengunjung...

  8. Wah tx sob untuk infonya... Sukses terus yaw!!

  9. bLackwAlking mAlam sObat sekAlian bAca-baca.,,.

  10. wah, semoga aja bloggr mamapu bertindak bijak ya dlam menilai blog2 para sobat blogger semua, trmasuk blog saya :D