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Animation Online : Simple Flash Banner Maker

Lately I was absent in the affairs dlu nge-blog because my health agax disturbed! But I do not withdraw the intention to share knowledge to you all!!, Here are some info for those of you who might be useful.

You've know the name banner khan's what? Banner is an image that is used to promote something to the public. Raise your hands who has not had a banner? Sip. Surely, you all know and have at least wrote his name banner. If my friend had previously been a banner format. PNG. GIF. JPG, this time there are tools online that I found for free banner creation service format. Swf or. Fla.

Want to know what his tools? Here is it, please click here to find out.
AnimationOnline is a site that can help you to create a simple banner.

In the tools we can choose an animated text in the show, only there are his weaknesses. This tool is intended only to Beginner course! , What does not in options-opsinya very simple and easily understandable only for the advanced user, these tools can be judged to be useful ... hmmm .... how? want to try it?
Online Animation despite its many shortcomings than his strengths but very compatibel once with people who are still learning to make what is called the Banner!
Immediately, the guys who still newbie recommended to try it.Hopefully helpful! Happy Blogging with me ^ _ ^.
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  1. ok..!! saya coba dolo yach..!!! Thanks..!!

  2. Saya kira tentang penghapusan blog lagi nih...xixixixixixixi...

    Jujur nih...berkat info dari sobat, kemarin sy sempat kelabakan nampilin logo blogspot...mana navbar saya gak bs muncul krn sdh bawan setting template...

    Sy tunggu info menarik lainnya sobat

  3. wah bener sob ini sangat simple sekali dan mudah dimengerti saya sudah pernah coba,...pas buat pemula seperti saya.
    sukses sobat!

  4. Top markotop gan sippp......happy Blogging ;))

  5. saya sudah punya banner, walaupun jauh dari standaar hehehe
    Btw, makasih karena udah dapat ilmu lagi nih :)

  6. Wih Keren... LangsUng Meluncur!!