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Google Affiliates Network : The Briliant Tools for earning Money

On the day this weekend, I finally do not miss about the information that I must convey to all buddies, who know works! He,, he,, ^ _ ^Buddy anyone knows that affiliates are not what? Affiliates is a program that can help my friend to pay for someone when they eventually managed to sell products / services from a merchant or affiliate merchants. Well talk-talking about my affiliates nemu tool from the king of search engines Google nieh Affiliates Network.Let's see what are the advantages brought by affiliates of the king of this search engine?
Google Affiliates Network connects advertisers and publishers who want to increase sales and encourage leads through affiliate marketing.
As an advertiser using Google Affiliate Network, you will find a pre-filter that publishers can refer to consumer traffic to you. As a publisher, you can market your site to advertisers in the network, if selected to participate in the program advertisers, you will get a percent of sales or referral gift.
Now've know what google's network affiliates as anything, then it immediately from my friend tried it with the steps below:
Note: To be registered at google network affiliates, you are required to have a Adsense account, if you do not have please to list here.
The steps to enroll in the Google Affiliates Network:

1. Visit their site here.2. After that, there are two paths to choose one of them, namely:
  • Fot Publisher (Recomended)
  • For Advertiser
3. Now the discussion I just talked about Google's Affiliates Network Publisher path alone.4. After selecting the path Publisher advised to register first and after that my friend will be given a following question:
  • Yes, I have an Adsense account
  • No, I don't have an Adsense account
6. If you select yes, then the buddy will be reunited with Affiliates - from Google's network affiliates are available, select one of them.7. And Done, then you need to market what is suggested by the Google Affiliates.

Well here is just an explanation, may be useful.Always Happy Blogging with me ^_^.
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  1. Pembayarannya gimana sob ,,

  2. wah mirip google adsense ga sih ??
    trus sistem pembayarannya gmn??

  3. Wih Mantap deh Pastinya dari Om gOogle..

  4. sama pertanyaan seperti sob putra dan dimas: pembayarannya lewat no rekening bank atau lewat...?

  5. iya nihc kang istem pembayarannya gimana mudah gak???

  6. sebetulnya program semacam ini bagus, tapi kadang was2. Apakah program ini jujur atau gag.

  7. @all: Masalah sistem payment google pasti dapat dipercaya.. salah satunya menggunakan alamat (payee) atau rekening asli di bank, bisa lewat paypal dlu atau Western Union sob.. ^_^

  8. Wah menarik nih... tapi biasanya tertarik, mau mulainya nih yang belum2 hehehe
    makasih untuk infony

  9. Patut dicoba kayaknya nih...
    thanks ya sob...

  10. Tu dia masalahnya aq belum punya akun Adsense. Setiap mengajukan , Pasti selalu ditolak. ada yang bisa kasih Tips? :))

  11. Sebelum meluncur ke tekepe, berkomentar dulu.
    seperti Amazon ya...? Sedangkan Amazon sendiri sudah terintegrated sama GA

  12. @achmad coba pake custom domain seperti ( , .tk , , ) siapa tahu mudah untuk di approve

  13. salam sahabat
    wah siip mas Ilham terus kalo sudah di setting itu apa harus di shared ke blog kita gitu?makasih ya infonya..good luck

  14. Kapan2 aku cb nih...terima kasih infonya

  15. wah sepertinya menarik sob, penasaran nech pingin coba.
    thanks sobat infonya, sukses slalu!

  16. Boss bagi yang belum punya kun Google Adsense gimana???