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Chipin : Collect Your Money Now

Assalamualaikum all!OK. Previously, anyone who ever heard Chipin?

Still do not know? Chipin we can find in is a widget service to collect donations of funds from the visitor whether it be money sent directly to paypal or additions Jump to address contained into your account.Chipin practically collectors of money!

Waaaaaw.It's true! Weird huh?, There are widgets that can collect the money? Hm .. If we already know paypal, Chipin is the Paypal Newbie .

Chipin can organize, collect and ask for donations donation (donate) from the visitor, not only that, but can also search chipin the contributions of volunteers who want to finance your blog / web us.
Also known Chipin fast, easy and secure. If the buddy has excess money on the internet, then sumbangkanlah for chipin. So my friend the money was donated to the flower and chipin will result practically buddies like invest in a stock plant.
Chipin is also known to be very easy to use.Transactions or payments that can be done only through Chipin is because paypal is chipin integrated with Paypal Inc..
Well, how my friend? Curious to try it, please list them as a member for free! How to register a email address which will be listed later Chipin will send a notification email stating Chipin buddy ready to serve you.
That's all I have of this information, may be useful, AMIEN!
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  1. wahh
    jadi chippin ini kayak paypal ya kang,,,
    makasih infonya nih...

  2. ini adiknya paypal yaa...hehehehe

    enak tuh bisa berbunga... thank's infonya Sob....

  3. baru denger nih sob heheheheheh tkp ah

  4. assalamualaikum sob. wah info baru ni..

    oh ya maaf sob baru bisa berkunjung,,karena harus ngurusin acara pelatihan mahasiswa, terjemah kitab, trs nulis artikel buat majalah.

    semoga tetep semangat sobat..

  5. hmmm aman gak ni...ada yang dah coba lum..