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Hello, i am ILHAM NURHAMZAH. 26 years old, i am started as a blogger since at 2009.Also Blogger from Indonesia, i am provide many original info,news, and trick for blogger. All Posts is original write by myself. Thanks for visit here and support Us. The text and the tutorials themselves are under copyright of their respective author, so you can not copy them either in english or in any other translated language.

Introduction - What blog mean for me?

This could be an online diary, where we can write all about us, our jobs, hobbies ideals, and others. The people will know about us through the internet media on this one, they would be interested to read if we write articles that interest. Some of this diary is formed into 'viewing public' (all people can visit), because there are a few diaries that 'person viewing' (not all people can visit). "Netienz" online diary finally called them with a special "blog", which is an abbreviation of the root word "weblog".BLOG is a place where you can make yourself into a global (known person).