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Freedback : Simple Contact Form

Freedback is one of the tools that helped my friend for making service contact form.In the site mentioned also, that the user now has freedback reached 10 million people!Wow pretty fantastic numbers for an online tools.
Compared online form maker like: EmailMeForm, in my opinion much easier and more simple freedback, due to the lack of manual HTML editing menu, all of them automatically.

Freedback very useful to facilitate mate in making a form or his famous phrase "Contact Form and Feedback". In this case, you do not need to have expertise in HTML, PHP, or Javascript. Everything will be provided in the Wizard or Automatic.

Many advantages are provided by freedback, including:
  • Thankyou Page
  • Form Submission Email
  • Embedded
and for you who're curious to try it, here are 3 easy steps provided by freedback namely:
  1. Edit Form
  2. In this option you must make questions, and set it the position.
  3. Form Option
  4. Then, in this option, freedback provide services to you will like what?. In this case there are certainly advantages thankyou page and rollback site.
  5. Get HTML
  6. And here, get the code! Put in your blog or website.
Good luck!! Hopefully the above information useful.
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  1. pertamax ni sob .

    info yang sangat menarik . .

  2. Sepertinya cukup sederhana untuk dikerjakan.. Makasih informasinya, langsung menuju tekepe

  3. Weww...pasti sip tMBh mntep nie gan!!!

  4. coba aaaahhh :D
    tp banyak jg yah feedback tuh macemnya :)

  5. mantap... langsung dicoba ah... lumayan dapet ilmu baru lagi...

  6. salam sahabat
    wah mas ilham freebacknya bisa langsung terupdate gitu tah?jadi pingin nyba..maaf telat ada WITH LOVE BEST WIHSES semoga diterima dan terima kasih good luck ya

  7. Sip Bosss,, Pertamax gan .....!! :P

  8. wow,mantap
    makasih infonya
    langsung ke TKP