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Other Ways to Escape From Blocked Site

Stop Blocked Site
If you can not access a site because of restricted / blocked by your network administrator or ISP, then the user will have difficulty in accessing sites that are blocked.
I have some tips on it, try this one!!

Below are some ways that you can try to access blocked sites.

1. Using the IP address
If the application is used only block the domain name only (eg, it can be tricked by using the IP address of the site for google for example:
To find the IP address of a site, we can try to ping to that site. Do I go to command prompt (Start> Run> type: cmd> Enter) and type ping and press enter. Will display the IP address of the site.

2. Using Proxy Browser
There are so many free proxy that you can find on the internet, some sites you can use for free:
Once you select a proxy from the sites above, configure your browser to use the proxy.

3. Using the Short URL Service
Another possible way is to use url shortening services such as:

4. Using the Online Archive and Cache
Some search engines such as Google and Yahoo keep cache of popular sites can still see the contents of the site even though the original has been blocked or deleted though.
Click the link labeled 'cached' then we'll be taken to a page cache of search engines (if stored).

5. Using Anonymizer Service
Using the Anonymizer service, IP address and your other information will not be known by the sites you visit.
Most services like this are paid, but there are some that are still available for free such as:

6. Using Online Translator / Translator Online
Online translation service known as
Simply enter the URL of the site and select the option blocked translation into the language you want (or the same language).

7. Subscribe to RSS Feeds
This trick may not apply to the various sites, but if you want to visit sites that provide RSS syndication feature, (usually news sites and blogs), you can try to subscribe and read it with an RSS / Feed Reader.
Services RSS / Feed Reader that you can use can be a desktop application (Feed Demon, Sharp Reader Feed Reader and), the web browser Firefox, Opera, IE and others, or with an additional extension (InfoRSS, Sage, and NewsFox), and the latter uses an online application (Google Reader and Feed Show).

8. Subscribe Through Email
Best service for the way it is
We can subscribe to our favorite websites via email. You can also subscribe to many sites at once arranged in folders so neat. Every time a web page changes, Web2Mail will automatically send a new page to your email address. You also can arrange anything and when shipped.
There is also a service RSSFWD which will automatically convert the RSS into emails sent to your email account.

9. Using Google Mobile Search
You can also try using the Google mobile search, but usually the results are not optimal.

10. Using Software
There was a many tools for help you about how to escape from blocked site, you can use this one:
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