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How to lock PC with an Flash Disk ?

FlashDisk is a member of USB which iz Universal Serial Bus. There are many function of flashdisk which are not only for storage, but it also for Random Access Memory (RAM).
FlashDisk or FlashDrive is very simple,easy, and Flexible. I have an idea how to make your flashdisk become a Deadly Weapon for SHUTDOWN your computer.

Here i will show you this Impressive tool named PREDATOR.
Predator is a tool that can lock our computers when we're not in front of the PC, even if our PC operation system is operating.

With this free tool you can make USB flash drives us to be the key that we can use to lock and unlock your PC. Thus we can keep our computers from the use of other hands.

How to use this tool very easy, simply by connecting flash drives us to the PC, then run the tool Predator that is in our PC, and later we will be asked to enter a password as a key to operate the PC that we have. If this tool has been run on our Windows system, when we separate (Unplug) flash disk of your PC, then the computer that we use will be locked by itself, even if Windows OS is operating on the computer. To start the computer back in normal conditions, we simply connect the USB Flash Drive that we had to use your PC.

With PC security PEDATOR be maintained as easy as connecting and separating the USB Flash Disk from a PC.

So, are you interested ?
Download Here

Have enjoy this trick !
And always happy blogging with me ^_^ .
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  1. greeting for you
    wowo now u post in english version already?btw i just now how to lock pc with flash dics actually this very simple thanxs ya

  2. skrg flashdisk udah bisa jadi kunci ya.. tinggal gemboknya aj yg belum ada.. :D

  3. Thanks For Sahre it....nice info bro

  4. nice info sob...
    ijin sedot...

  5. Huhft gue memindai lalu membaca gan, soal scroll berat bagat gak sesauai dengan kapasitas processor kompi :D

  6. wah postings are very helpful to me..bro... really good post!!!

  7. keren banget nih sob... 2 jempol lah buan ente sob.

  8. weleh - weleh, triknya manteb nih, izin sedot kang ^_^
    templatenya ganti - ganti mulu kang, keren dah buat si akang mah...

  9. Keren ni bagi yg punya flashdisk, bisa serbaguna.

  10. This software looks great, though what if the usb that contains the files was accidentally reformatted? can we still unlock the computer that was locked by PREDATOR?