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Free Webhosting

Sometime's i want to make a site but i forgot about the hosting!!
For a long time, i search in google with this keyword "free webhosting". There are too many site for a webhosting service.

I have to find the site with a really good and free service, after i execute one by one of site in google search, i find some site that can make you proud.

What's that website? Here is it.... FreeWebhostingArea. FreeWebhostingArea is one of many site in google that can you trust his service.

FreeWebhostingArea that you can find in is a free web hosting ftp,php, MySQL service.

FreeWebhostingAre offers you a free hosting on many servers with different features like php5, mysql5, ftp, unmetered traffic, 1500MB web space and much more. And for itActivation is instant and your site immediately available. Domain owners get full email support and unlimited subdomains.

Beside of it service, there are many service like phpBB,Joomla,Wordpress,Moodle,Drupal and etc.

Below is example for the service...
Want to try it all?
That's all about this
Hope this information usefull, thanks for your attention.
Happy blogging ^_^ with me
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  1. asyiiik brow pke hosting nie, aku dah pernah dlu pke hosting ini , saat aku mau bwAT FAKE lOG iN fb , WAH MALAH DI DELL ACCOUNT aku hehehee, mgkin dah di proteksi dengan anti malware nya ..sip dah Thanks atas postingannya ... ;;)

  2. boleh juga sob infonya... akan kintaro coba deh :)

  3. ahah..nice info brother
    i will try..
    thanks for sharing

  4. Wah bagus nih mas untuk hostng gratisnya...
    Tapi kira2 cepet gak ya tu servernya..?!

    tx infonya@

  5. @mas akhatam: untuk masalah kecepatan servernya seeh,, saya msih ragu nyebutinnya mas...
    yg pnting coba aza dwedh... :)