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DynDNS : Free DNS Hosting and Email Delivery

In this occasion, i want to inform you about DNS again.....
Beside it, i was found a new site that can you trust his service which is DynDNS!

DynDNS is one of all DNS service, DynDNS also serve you about Free DNS Hosting, Email Delivery, and VPS Hosting.DynDNS isn't just for home use. They also cater to growing businesses with them MailHop suite, SSL Certificates, and powerful virtual private server hosting with Spring Server℠ VPS. Whatever your needs, aims to provide a stable, reliable and highly customizable foundation for your business.

But one thing's about DynDNS weakness, After you cloaked some url , DynDNS banner cannot you remove. But if you purchase some service in DynDNS, you allowed to remove it banner.

So, Dynamic DNS Free (DDNS) allows you to create a hostname that points to your home or office IP address, providing an easy-to-remember URL for quick access. They also provide an update mechanism which makes the hostname work with your dynamic IP address. They continue to offer this service free to the Internet community as we have done so for nearly 10 years.

DynDNS Features:
  • Get five (5) hostnames in 88 available domains for free.
  • Forward web requests or mark host offline for maintenance or downtime.
  • Configure MX records for flexible mail routing.
  • Update host using ddns update clients for a wide variety of platforms.
  • Modify DNS TTL values for fast propagation or reliable static IP caching.
  • Deliver your DNS records to 5 DNS servers in 5 tier-1 datacenters around the globe.
  • Query volume up to 648,000 queries/month
Finally, Would you like to try it all?
Okay, Good luck.
Dont forget to say Happy Blogging with me... ^_^
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