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Master Blog but What happen now?

Hello bloggers, this time I'll tell you why the blog masters decrease of his own traffic?

Lately I have seen the development of the master bloggers are very surprising at all because it has experienced a decrease alexa ranking and the visitor.

As we Know, Who is the blogger master in indonesia?
You will answer Kang Rohman and Oom.

Who are they?

  • Rohman Abdul Manap called Kang Rohman(KR).
    Kang Rohman ( is an Indonesian blogger who has been blogging in a long time ago. He was a Succesfull Blogger who has enough popularity in Indonesia.

    Kang RohmanKang Rohman - Kang Rohman that appear as one blogger who brings about the world of blogs tips tricks to taking part in the development of a template or layout blogspot, making one figure which is quite popular bloggers pemerakarsa this increasingly sought in the Mayan World.

    Kang Rohman which according to the news via his blog address at far has managed to spawn some kind of template blogspot called a magazine style template.

    In addition to designing dozens of templates blogspot, Kang Rohman Blog Columns with the tutorial is also active in providing various insights, tips and tricks, and tutorials around the world Blog, ranging from tutorials to make read more on blogspot, until totorial SEO for blogs.

    According to several articles written in blogs Kang Rohman, that men who are also active in the social networking site facebook has spent time everyday to get revenue from online business.

    Not just in the world blogspot Kang Rohman active, but on a blog a few seconds and also with commercial blog dot com domain has been successfully built into the famous and popular blog with tens of thousands of visitors every day.

    Approximately kang rohman have a 3 Blog which iz:

  • Agus Ramadhani called OM (o-om).

    Oom ( is an Indonesian blogger too, same with kang rohman. He was blogging in a long time ago. He was a Succesfull Blogger too, he was enough popularity in Indonesia.

    Agus Ramadhani - Oom. He is a blogger who specializes in to write a neighbor Blogger [dot] Com, good tricks, tips, and his hack. If you want to learn SEO, can also learn through him. Although she admits she still learning, I think he has enough magic SEO, given its thousands of visitors per day (other than due to the tutorial).

    He is also clever editing CSS. Could create some templates and give it freely to those who want it. Also make some free ebook that he said could be an alternative to raising traffic (I could not agree with it on this one ...)

    He is one of my first bloging teacher. Having a friendly writing style, though sometimes speak out frankly. And he is one of the bloggers who are allergic to a long paper (at least according to me again ...) hehehehe ....

    He has written a short characteristics, but hit the target. Straight forward type of person that if there is a problem aka pioneers. If you stop for a moment to blog, I think there is a simple scent on the blog with such an elegant appearance.

    Although he was very powerful in designing templates, for some reason he rarely spawn template again. Maybe his confession to me saying that makes it super boring template is the cause.

    Since almost all blogging tutorial has been written all by him, I think, now he became a journalist in the world of blogging. Because almost all of his posts now contain the latest developments of the virtual world.

    Not that I said that he was unable to write the tutorial again, you know yah! But, maybe she was busy and there is indeed no longer the newbie who asked him about this (because it has been in charge of all by him on his blog ... hueheuheu ....)

    End of story, he is one of the great bloggers in the homeland. Got a blog that advance the quality of education in Indonesia. Have a good attitude towards their students (like me). And had a look of my blog who love it. Sometimes a little jealous to be able to design a template like him ... lol .... (Jealous of the good things, may, 'right?)

    Approximately oom have a 3 Blog which iz:

After you know all who are they!
Let see what was happen on their blog.

  1. Decreased Visitor.

  2. For this section,
    After I look around their blog, apparently having lost some of their blogs loyal visitors. It is unclear why this could happen, perhaps because they did not update his blog regularly. This is shown when it posts second average is between 1-2 weeks of his posting was not updated anymore.

  3. Falling Alexa.

  4. For this section,

    Unbelievable,Not only lose visitors blogs, their blogs are also experiencing a decrease alexa ranking. Before that, kang Rohman has amounted to 10 500 alexa on previous months and also has a alexa oom at 19 750 also in the preceding months. But now both of them experienced a decrease alexa ranking alexa quite significantly:

    Kang Rohman
    Alexa Rank Kang Rohman

    Alexa Rank OOM

  5. Decreased Feedback.

  6. After I check how much feedback they get now, it has decreased as well. This is very surprising to me how that could happen like this.

Finally , i must report this to its owner blog....
I think this is bad info for blogger indonesia..
Hope this information helpfull, and dont forget to happy blogging.
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  1. Yeahhh 2 People That, has become like actris In Blogger World.. There are mny vistor a dy.. Greatt Peoplee!!! i want it..

  2. kang rohman dan o-om mang bener2 blogger indonesia sejati sob

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. kalo aku tauk blog lebih awal, dah kek mereka kali yak :D

  5. yupz klo menrut ane mereka adalah mastah ane...

  6. salam kenal mas dari newbie
    wah ini memang bener2 blogger sejati indonesia
    ditunggu kunjungan baliknya

  7. Kalo udah jadi MASTER . .. enaknya tidur, blognya ngga update lagi, tapi pengunjung tetep banyak . .. enak banget . . ..

  8. saya Lebih banyak beLajar di bLognya o-om, mungkin karena sama-sama om-om kaLi yah. hehehehe....

  9. they are indonesian webmaster . :)]

  10. mereka emang the real webmaster :D

    btw, ngapain pake slm kenal lagi ham,,biarpun tmnQ buanyak tp msh inget qm lho...sedihnya bisa lupa sm aq,,wkwk ^0^

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