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Qhub : The simple way to create a Q and A Website

The First, What is Qhub? and What is the meaning of Q and A?
Okay, let me introduce it.
Qhub is a system to allow anybody to build a Q&A website in minutes. Simply choose a Qhub name and address to build your very own Q&A site. And Now what is Q and A?
Q and A aka Question and Answer.
So, it fully mean this web is serve you to make a simple website which iz Question and Answer form.

Qhub is for Friends, colleagues, club members and more are invited to join and the questions can begin.For begin to sign up, please go to
Then you must following six steps below, here is the sitemap for you :
  1. Qhub info
    • Name your Qhub
    • Pick an address
  2. Account details
    • Name
    • Email Address
    • Password
  3. Qhub settings
    • Qhub Name
    • Tags
    • Tags Line
    • Type of Qhub
    • > Community Q&A - Anyone can ask and answer questions.
      > Personal Q&A - Only you can answer questions.
    • Privacy
    • > Public - Anyone can see or join
      > Private - Only invited people can see and join
  4. Customize
    • Select a Theme
    • Design Color
    • Custom Background
    • Custom Header
  5. Questions
    • Search for questions
    • Questions search results
    • Questions to be posted
  6. Invite
Finally , you can make a create account for Qhub if you want to following above steps
Okay, that's all my info! Hopely usefull. Have Try ^_^
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  1. walau bhs. inggriz, saya tau maksudnya.
    itu sejenisnya blogspot sama wp kan maz ?
    hehe.. (ngawur ! )

  2. salam knal...kunjungan perdana
    jika berkenan singgah ke blog saya sob

  3. wah...nice info sob
    simple and so useful
    I will visit this site

  4. waqhh bahasa inggris..
    ampun gue sOb..