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Plugoo : Multiple Chat Tools (Embedded)

Hello faithful blogger buddy! Previously you know what it plugoo guns? If I previously discussed here, so now I discuss PlugooIf my friend did not know, let me bring to TKP.Sebelumnya sorry sob, a little bit serious!
Yup, the micro-Plugoo-centric social network chat. You can share interests with people from all over the world, meet new friends and chat with them. You can browse using the tag Plugoo Planet of interests, localization ... Your personal information (email addresses, instant messaging username) is never revealed to other Planet Plugoo members.
Plugoo allows buddies to chat directly from your favorite Instant Messenger to visitors of your blog, personal web pages or e-sales site. Widget embed Plugoo could mate to my friend's website (blogs, personal web pages or e-sales site) and let visitors blog / web chat with you.

Plugoo offers you several communication tools based on instant message:
* Plugoo Widget, to interact LIVE with your website visitors;* Planet Plugoo, to meet people from all over the world, share interests and chat with them directly.
Plugoo widget allows visitors to your site (blogs, social networking profiles, online shop ...) to get in touch with you in real time, directly to Instant Messenger (MSN Messenger, googletalk, Messenger, AOL AIM, ICQ, Jabber .. .). If your messenger status online, visitors can send instant messages through friends Plugoo Buddy in your messenger list. So you can chat with them, answer their questions or comments Live!
No visitors you do not need to download software or to create an account before they can contact you. They never have access to instant messaging information (username). And the conversation between a visitor and you are very private - other simultaneous visitors on the website did not see the conversation. You do not need to change your habits, you are still using your favorite messenger on the desktop or from your mobile phone.
Plugoo widget allows you to communicate freely and easily with visitors to your site, just by using your Instant Messenger. You can use your blog Plugoo, shop online, social networking profile or whatever you want!
While some visitors are seeing your website, they have the opportunity to send instant messages forwarded directly to your Messenger, thanks Plugoo. Your reply to any messages from your Messenger LIVE, as if you'll chat with a friend.
So, to begin direct communication between you and your visitors, friends or potential customers ...
Ok! That's about Plugoo Hopefully this article useful for you guys it all!
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  1. banyak sekarang ya modelnya microblogging
    twitter, plurk, koprol, yaho mim dll
    mulai berkembang. tinggal individunya mau milih yang mana. mungkin 'plugoo' bakal bisa nyaingin dr microblogging lainnya. :)
    tapi konsep widgetnya mirip gtalk, ama ym ya.

  2. Sekarang memang media chat bermunculan...,
    Kita tinggal pilih mana yang pas bbuat kita

  3. + lagi ni media untuk chat,,
    tHanks iNfonyA sOb,,
    seKalian mengamankan yAng ke 3,,

  4. manteepp nie..infooo buat pilihannn chat..... setelahh shoutmix..... kena masalah

  5. wah meanrik kyknya ya....tampilannya imut juga

  6. tinggal pilih saja kita kalo sudah banyak bermunculan.:D

  7. @GAMBUTKU : iya juga ya, kita tinggal pilih2 aza, mana yg bagus?!