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Finally I Did it

Hello, this my first time to get post some article with english, sorry friends.
For now i want to try google adsense he,,he,, ^_^ .
This is my trouble, read it!

Severals days, i was confused, while i sign up to! Why? Cause,There is no incoming mail notification from ..... For a long time, i was waiting from 2008 years until now. But, what i've done ? No, Email from Kumpulblogger is still not arrive, i search on mailbox with very carefully but still not found......
Arrrgghhh, maybe i must contact to as kumpulblogger recomended.

Finally, it's about 639 days to waiting to received an email from kumpulblogger! Unbelieveable, did u believe that? Sure, im not lie. This is a real that i have my experience like this.

So this is an email from kumpulblogger

Haha,, finally i did it, For now take a look my blog, there is an ads kumpulblogger, dont forget to click it ^_^.
Thankz for listen my story,,hope this usefull for you,, and one things you must remember!!
Always say happy blogging!! ^_^
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  1. numpang baca gan!!
    jangan lupa kunjungi juga ===>>>